• Japan Sails to Kill

    HSI condemns Japan’s resumption of whaling in the Southern Ocean as contrary to the 2014 International Court of Justice judgment that rejected Japan’s claim that such whaling was scientific.Target: minkes

  • Exposed: Real Fur Sold as Fake on British High-Street

    HSI/UK features on BBC consumer show Fake Britain to expose how inadequate and misleading garment labelling is leaving consumers without clear information to tell real animal fur from fake.Make it fake

  • Why Whales Are Not Monsters

    The legend of Moby Dick gives a false impression of the nature of whales, and both ancient and modern depictions of whales as fearsome, are largely human artifice. Most of us know better, but it is nevertheless true that the 'demon whales' continue to suit the propaganda of current day commercial whalers.Read Mark’s Blog

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